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  • A dyeing art?

    If you’ve read our post about leather quality then you’ll already know our thoughts on industrially produced leather. There’s obviously a place for it though, and in many applications where large quantities of identical leather are required (car interiors, sofas etc) then it’s the obvious choice. But on a smaller scale, it’s a real shame that everything seems to look so mass-produced, so uniform, so… common.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, for example, that my iPad is mass-produced – I doubt hand made hand finished iPads would look that good! But the doesn’t mean my accessories can’t have a little bit of individuality to them.

    All our leather is 100% natural vegetable tanned hand sewn and hand finished. By hand finishing, we mean that we condition, dye, wax and buff all our leathers by hand right here in our studio in Kent. We use our own blend of oils and waxes to condition our leathers so they’re just the right mix of soft but hard wearing. We use the very highest quality oil, spirit and alcohol based dyes from Milwaukee in the US to colour our leathers using techniques passed down through the generations.

    Most industrial leather is dyed using chemical dyes in large drum vats which give a very uniform albeit pretty artificial look. In many ways, you really can’t tell real industrially processed leather from plastic artificial ‘leather’ any more. But because we dye our leathers by hand, every single piece is totally unique. We use age-old dyeing techniques and rub the dyes in carefully using cloths and lambs-wool daubers. After dyeing we allow the leather to dry for a day or so, then we and buff each piece by hand to achieve the desired amount of sheen. We then apply our special wax formula, and once fully absorbed, we buff again.

    Whatever you buy from us, you can be sure it will age beautifully and gracefully, and the leather will develop a stunning patina naturally over time.



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