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  • A dyeing art?

    If you’ve read our post about leather quality then you’ll already know our thoughts on industrially produced leather. There’s obviously a place for it though, and in many applications where large quantities of identical leather are required (car interiors, sofas etc) then it’s the obvious choice. But on a smaller scale, it’s a real shame that everything seems to look so mass-produced, so uniform, so… common. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, for example, that my iPad is mass-produced – I doubt hand made hand finished iPads would look that good! But the doesn’t mean my accessories can’t have a...

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  • Most leather is cr*p!

    Obviously that’s a pretty contentious thing to say, and definitely a matter of opinion, but in our view most leather is designed to look good in the short term without much concern for how it looks or lasts in the long term. Hopefully after you’ve taken a few minutes to read through our ‘Leather 101’ below, you’ll know just enough not to get ripped off! One of the sad realities of modern life is that unless you have enough time to really research something, it’s pretty easy for people to pull the wool over your eyes. This is all too...

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